Building our Brand

Why Rebrand?

Our new brand elements give us a compelling and relevant presence in today’s market. This site will help make them your own.

A message from our Chief Executive Officer Joe Hart

We've captured in many ways the essence of what Dale Carnegie is. We've captured the emotion that people feel coming out of one of our programs, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the confidence, the zest.

A message from Chief Branding Officer Michelle Bonterre

This is a platform for us to sing. It's a platform for us to shout out to the world about the value that we bring, the difference that we make in peoples lives. That's what's exciting.

A message from Chief Franchisee Advocate Jean-Louis Van Doorne

If we have a stronger brand, we'll be able to impact far more organizations and far more people. We'll allow our associates to have a better career. And we'll allow franchisees to have a better business.


This is our logotype, the most direct connection to the Dale Carnegie brand. It references our iconic founder and conveys the enduring nature of our mission. Our logotype presents us around the world as ‘one Dale Carnegie.’ Using it identifies you as part of a global organization with a recognized name.


Dale Carnegie training changes people, inspiring them to new growth and achievement. Our monogram is an instantly recognizable symbol of transformation. When used in your sales and marketing, it links you to our brand promise of real change.


At Dale Carnegie, we speak from and to the heart. Our typography is bold, simple and direct. Using these fonts communicates the emotionally open nature of our training, as well as the  sincerity, genuine honesty and integrity of the Dale Carnegie brand.

Color Palette

Dale Carnegie training brings out the full range of qualities in an individual. These colors have been chosen to reflect that emotionally expressive range. In presentations and materials, the color palette will help differentiate you from competitors in your local marketplace.


At Dale Carnegie, we see the spark and inherent strengths in trainees. Our work takes intuition and insight, and these curated portraits represent those brand values. In our training, individuals learn how to collaborate more effectively, which touches everything from teams to organizations. The power of relationships is an integral part of our brand.


At our annual convention we introduced an updated Dale Carnegie brand look and feel. See how we’re living our transformation in our instagram feed below. Want to add your launch photos to our feed? Add #DaleCarnegieBrand to your instagram posts.