Bringing the Brand to Life

As you join the larger Dale Carnegie brand relaunch, you’ll want to apply brand-level thinking to your office, communications, training materials, sales presentations, and certifications and award. Each involves careful application of the brand system. It’s a big undertaking that doesn’t happen all at once. In fact, brand relaunch in your market can have more impact as a carefully considered sequence of events.


Phase 1

  1. 1.

    Franchise Town Hall Meeting: Hold a team meeting to share the brand launch video, review the brand microsite access and discuss the launch.

  2. 2.

    Messaging Meeting: Hold a Training Session/Meeting to share the brand messaging toolkit, role play different client exchanges, and develop a plan to incorporate messaging into every interaction.

  3. 3.

    Email Signature: Update your email signature. Instructions and Files are available on

  4. 4.

    Stationery: All franchisees and employees will be provided with updated business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Templates and guides will also be available for local printing at

  5. 5.

    Brochures & Collateral: These files will also be translated in French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. Additional language translations of the materials can be done by using the word formatted translation document on the sales site, and submitting it to

  6. 6.

    Social Media: Access approved brand images to update social media accounts on

  7. 7.

    Share Brand Experiences: Use #dalecarnegiebrand to share brand experiences from around the world.

Phase 2

  1. 8.

    Website: Development of the website will be reaching its final phases in early 2017. Watch for announcements and how to get involved.

  2. 9.

    Networking: Attend a networking event, use your new business cards, and try out the new messaging.

  3. 10.

    Social Media Messaging: Communicate the new brand through your social media channels.

  4. 11.

    Case Studies: Build your credibility and show our return on investment with newly redesigned case studies.

  5. 12.

    Credibility Presentation Meeting: Hold a meeting to review the new credibility presentation and recap messaging, and practice incorporating new messaging.

  6. 13.

    Order Graduation Certificates: Newly designed certificates will be made available on the supply order website.

  7. 14.

    Email Marketing: Customize and send newly designed emails from easy-to-use templates.

  8. 15.

    Temporary Signage/Trade Show Materials: Review approved design templates for banner stands and other materials. Order materials from your favorite print vendor.

  9. 16.

    Social Media: Use #dalecarnegiebrand to share graduations, attendance at trade shows, or networking events.

Phase 3

  1. 17.

    Signage: Update any and all permanent office signage, especially exterior signs/logo marks.

  2. 18.

    Office Update: Replace all office artwork, branded materials, etc. Brand-approved artwork is available at

  3. 19.

    Print Advertising: Leverage newly designed ad templates to promote your courses, seminars, and solutions. You can request customized sizes with local information for ads though

  4. 20.

    Thought Leadership: Launch a thought leadership campaign with newly designed white papers, infographics, social media content, and workshops.

  5. 21.

    Customized Support: Full service graphic support provided to help incorporate brand into all materials at Please send any materials you create on your own or if you use a local designer to marketing for review so we can help you promote our brand correctly.

  6. 22.

    Social Media: Use Dale Carnegie brand to show off your updated offices and signs.

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